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מערכת טיפול לשפכי רפת חפץ חיים UFT solid upflow.jpg

UFT Solid
controlled gravitational sedimentation

Step 2.

Dairy farmers face increasingly complex challenges that hinder the possibility of foresight and long-term investment. UFT Solid overcomes this problem with a simple, intelligent system for pre-treatment of dairy farm effluent. 

UFT solid

A modular, controlled sedimentation system for removing suspended solids and organic load (TSS and COD). The system is built around a gravitational sedimentation complex with a unique flow process that removes approximately 90% of total TSS and 50% of total COD. 

upflow UFT solid מתקן מודולרי שיקוע לטיפול קדם בשפכי רפת.png
מערכת סינון ושיקוע לשפכי הרפת upflow עוזי דובלין 7.jpeg

Additionally, the insights gained by Up-flow in the years-long R&D process for the UFT Solid system are also applicable to the simple upgrade of any existing dairy farm runoff tanks, without the need for high initial investment by the client.


  • Removes ~90% of total TSS

  • Removes ~50% of total COD

  • No chemicals used

  • High cost-benefit ratio

Dublin farm project, Ramat Tzvi


I chose to work with Rotem and Udi because I recognized engineers who constantly learn and develop. The system they installed in my dairy farm was built thoroughly with attention to the smallest details, which I myself appreciate. Of course, I highly recommend their service to anyone who wishes to examine a solution to the wastewater problem in a dairy farm at any scale.

Uzi Dublin - dairy farm manager

Kibbuts Heftziba dairy farm project


I would like to praise Upflow for the system they installed to treat our dairy farm wastewater. The professionalism of the engineers and the service available were excellent. I'm glad I chose to work with them.


Momi Cohen - dairy farm manager

Kibbuts Hafetz Haim dairy farm project


I strongly recommend Upflow. When we were faced with a sewage issue on our dairy farm, Upflow provided us with a cost-effective solution that was tailored to our needs. Within a month of installing the system, we were back on track and the facility has been working flawlessly since then. I am very impressed with the team's professionalism and the excellent service they provided us.

Shamay - dairy farm manager

Kibbuts Kfar Gil'adi dairy farm project


I would like to point out Upflow's ability to understand our needs, characterize them, and provide the most appropriate product for treating the effluent from our dairy farm. Thank you for your hard work and investment in the whole project.

Omry Zaltzer - dairy farm manager

Kibbuts Ein Zurim dairy farm project
Hakfar Hayarok dairy farm project
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