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מערכת טיפול שפכי רפת UFT agro upflow.png


UFT Modular System
A modular multi-step system for DFE treatment

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A proprietary system designed to effectively remove relevant pollutants as per customer specifications, using advanced in-house and outsourced physical and biological processes.

One key advantage provided by the UFT system is its modular flexibility.

Each step of the process can function as a standalone system to address a specific need. This allows for streamlining existing assets and integration within them. Additionally, facilities can be built by stages, and easily expanded as needed in the future.

The system was developed with a focus on operational simplicity and convenience. 

The process byproducts do not contain chemicals, and can be disposed of along with other dairy farm waste. Aside from the disposal of separation products, no other daily task is required of the maintenance staff in order to operate the system.

Modular Solutions For DFE

upflow UFT sieve מתקן מודולרי נפה רוטטת לסינון שפכי רפת_edited_edited.png

UFT sieve

Solid filtering


Step 1

A filtering system incorporating a vibrating sieve, which removes coarse solids from DFE. This initial filtration eliminates approximately 65% of dry matter (TS) content, prevents blockages in the plumbing system, and reduces the volume of wet waste and sludge.

upflow UFT solid מתקן מודולרי שיקוע לטיפול קדם בשפכי רפת_edited.png

UFT solid

Controlled gravitational sedimentation

Step 2

A unique sedimentation system that achieves optimal separation of suspended solids. This automatic system eliminates approximately 90% of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and approximately 50% of organic load (COD), without the use of chemicals.

upflow UFT agro מתקן מודולרי ביולוגי אירובי לטיפול בשפכי רפת.png

UFT agro

Aerobic biological treatment

Step 3

This system removes organic load and nutrients (COD, TP, and TKN) through a chemical-free aerobic biological process. Thanks to the use of bio-carrier technology, the system maintains process stability yearlong, and can withstand heavy loads.

מערכת סינון ושיקוע מבוקר של שפכי רפת הכפר הירוק upflow 17_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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