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Step 3

The UFT Agro system is a specially-developed aerobic biological process utilizing a moving bed for DFE treatment. This third step of the modular UFT system is designed to further eliminate organic load and significantly reduce nutrients.

UFT Agro
aerobic biological treatment

UFT agro

An intensive aerobic biological system for removing relevant pollutants (TSS, COD, nitrogen, and phosphorus). The system includes two reactors in sequence. The bacterial culture develops effectively inside each reactor, as it is protected by HDPE-built bio-carriers, and feeds on the organic waste matter. The system is highly resistant to unusual loads, and is capable of rapid recovery.

upflow UFT agro מתקן מודולרי ביולוגי אירובי לטיפול בשפכי רפת.png
UFT agro 5.jpg


  • Removes pollutants such as organic load, nitrogen, and phosphorus

  • Emits only CO2 and water

  • Easy maintenance, including remote control

  • Process durability, even in cold seasons

  • Technology certified by government authorities and departments

Charag farm project, Kfar Hasidim – pilot


In 2017, Rotem and Udi, two hard-working engineers from the Technion, approached me with the aim of conducting research and development for a first-of-its-kind wastewater treatment system for small dairy farms. The guys seemed to me to be professionals with fire in their eyes, I congratulated them on their success and advised them to adjust the cost of the system to fit the budget of small dairy farmers.

Today, after many R&D efforts, I can say that they have delivered a solution that meets the needs of small dairy farms, and I highly recommend them to all my fellow small dairy farmers.

Giyora Charag - dairy farm manager

Kibbutz Kramim dairy project – under construction
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