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Step 1.

Filtering coarse solids from dairy farm effluent is a critical step prior to any advanced treatment process. Our vibrating sieve has been rigorously selected from among multiple DFE filtration options worldwide, and is now making strides in Israeli dairy industries.

UFT sieve
DFE filtration system

upflow UFT sieve מתקן מודולרי נפה רוטטת לסינון שפכי רפת_edited.png
מערכת סינון שפכי רפת UFT sieve גורנו עזריקם 1.jfif

By combining this one-of-a-kind sieve with smart system engineering and control, we are able to provide our clients with an affordable and effective solution to the effluent problem.

This solutions removes approximately 65% of dry matter content, prevents blockages in the plumbing system, and minimizes the need for wet waste removal. The solids expelled by the vibrating sieve are dry enough for use in solidifying wet dairy farm waste.


  • Eliminates 65% of coarse solids (TS

  • Prevents plumbing blockages

  • Improves results for subsequent treatments 

  • Reduces cleaning frequency for runoff tanks and lagoons 

  • Ejected solids are at a high level of dryness

UFT sieve

The UFT Sieve filtration system separates coarse solids from dairy farm effluent. The unique vibrating sieve at the heart of the filtration system is the culmination of a long R&D process carried out by upflow

Kibbutz Sa’ar dairy farm project


Upflow recently installed a vibrating separator in Emek HaKoren dairy farm, and I am delighted with the entire process of purchase, installation, and operation. The company, owned by two professional engineers, offers a top-notch professional response and solution to any issue. They are a refreshing addition to the dairy farms in the country, and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in the subject.

Omry Weismann- dairy farm manager

Azrikam project 


I am delighted to recommend upflow. Their system works flawlessly, and the team is composed of true professionals. They have clearly taken care of every detail to ensure my peace of mind. I am impressed with their dedication to providing excellent service and highly recommend them.

Shay Jorno - dairy farm manager

Porat farm project, Bitha


I am pleased to recommend upflow and am glad I chose to work with them on my dairy farm. The filtration system they installed works great, and they provide me with a professional and thorough service. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence have impressed me, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch solutions for their dairy farm needs.

Yosef Porat - dairy farm manager

Kibbutz Gal'ed dairy farm project


"Upflow installed a simple and efficient vibrating sieve at Galed dairy farm. Raw effluent enters and exits filtered to a separation interval of 500 microns, producing a dry and easy-to-operate by-product. Since installation, the dairy farm's sewage system has been working smoothly. I am grateful for their professionalism and excellent service.


Yotam - dairy farm manager

Kibbutz Ein Harod Meuhad dairy farm project
Frumm farm project, HaYogev


In 2020, we purchased a filtering system for dairy farm effluents from Upflow. As the company was in its early stages, the installation took longer than expected. However, during this period, the company's representatives were tireless in upgrading and improving the system, even replacing the vibrating sieve with a larger one.

Today, we are happy to report that we are satisfied with the product, the available service, and the communication with Rotem and Udi. We highly recommend Upflow.

Dotan and Baruch Frum - dairy farm manager

Biran farm project, Ramat Tzvi


Rotem and Udi provide excellent service, and we wholeheartedly recommend them. The filtration system they installed for the wastewater from the cooling yard and milking parlor does a great job, removing solids larger than half a millimeter. The dry product of the vibrating sieve can solidify wet manure, making it easier to manage.

Yoav and Beni Biran - dairy farm manager

 Chanan & co farm project, Bustan Hagalil
Shalev farm project, Beit El'azari
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