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We are innovative tech aggregator  

for dairy waste and wastewater treatment

למה upflow



upflow is a global technology aggregator for cow manure and dairy farm effluent (DFE) treatment solutions.

The significant amount of cow manure and DFE emitted by the global milk production industry is a heavy burden on the environment, causing pollution of water resources, land degradation and greenhouse gases emissions (GHG).

Farm owners are forced to treat cow manure and DFE with diverse incentives, in accordance with their state requirements, herd size and economic vision. Finally, they end up confused due to their lack of expertise in connecting their unique problem with the variety of solutions available in the market. The results are increased expenses and often the purchase of an unreliable, low quality and unsuitable solution for their needs.

upflow provides the farm owner with a high quality, cost efficient end-to-end solution from a wide range of in-house and external modular technologies.


The problem

  • Pollution of water resources, land degradation and GHG emissions

  • Increased expenses on cow manure and DFE to comply with regulations​

  • A wide range of problems leading to difficulties finding an ideal solution​

  • Lack of available and reliable information about solutions on the market

  • Most suppliers offer their own, in-house solution without integration of external technologies

The solution​​

  • A wide range of integrated, efficient DFE and manure treatment solutions, tailored and optimized to each customer’s specific needs

  • Customer purchase experience is significantly improved due to accessibility of multiple in-house and external solutions under one roof


Who we are

Rotem Potok

CTO & Co-founder


Environmental engineer. Experienced in design and operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants, biological processes, consulting and regulation.

Udi Yehuda Buju

CEO & Co-founder

​Environmental engineer. Experienced R&D manager of water and wastewater technologies, sales, marketing and customer relations.

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